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Key Contacts at TC PipeLines, LP

Investor Relations

Telephone: 1.877.290.2772 (toll free)
Fax: 1.508.871.7047 
Mailing Address: 700 Louisiana Street, Suite 700, Houston, TX  77002-2700 


Telephone: 1.403.920.7859
Toll free:  1.800.608.7859

K-1 Information 

TC PipeLines, LP
K-1 Support
P.O. Box 799060
Dallas, TX 75379-9060
Telephone: 1.877.699.1091 (toll free)

Investor Packet

If you would like to receive an Investor Packet from TC PipeLines, LP, send your name and address to:

Please Note: Unless you are a registered holder, your cash distributions are managed through your brokerage account. Any direction with regard to these payments should be made with your broker. Inquiries regarding change of address, security transfer, cash distributions or multiple copies of mailed material should also be directed to your broker.

Ethics Help-Line

Telephone: 1.888.920.2042


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