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TC PipeLines, LP (the Partnership) is a publicly traded limited partnership which, as an entity, is generally not subject to federal or state income tax. Instead, partners are required to report their allocable share of the Partnership's items of taxable income, gain, deduction or loss in their individual income tax returns as though each partner had incurred such items directly.

The Partnership determines taxable income annually and allocates it to the unitholders in accordance with the Partnership agreement. Unitholders are required to include their share of the Partnership's taxable income in their income for tax purposes and add the amount to the tax basis of their units. The amount allocated may exceed or be less than the amount of cash distributed in the year. Generally, cash distributions are considered a return of capital and reduce the tax basis of a limited partner's units.

Form K-1

TC PipeLines, LP will mail 2017 Tax Packages to unitholders, including Schedule K-1 by March 3, 2018.  We anticipate that unitholders may also access the 2017 K-1 information online beginning February 28, 2018, through our online K-1 reporting link:

A call center is available to assist TC PipeLines, LP unitholders with questions concerning information contained in their Schedule K-1.  Please call K-1 Tax Package Support between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM Central Time at this toll free number:


TC PipeLines, LP will not be preparing any partnership tax reporting information that may be required for jurisdictions outside of the United States.

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