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Schedule K-3 tax packages for 2021 are now available online. Other information on this website is no longer being maintained but will be available for reference until June 2023.

Our goal is to achieve a healthy balance of distribution stability, strong financials and accretive capital investment opportunities. We seek prudent organic growth projects and accretive acquisitions to provide long-term, steady and predictable distributions.


In high demand

Natural gas is a major component of the power behind the plug that makes everything turn on – from appliances and electronics in homes, to equipment in hospitals, to computers and technology that enable our world. Natural gas demand continues to increase as electrical generation, industrial sectors, and residential users seek increased use of clean-burning natural gas for their primary energy needs or as a backstop to renewables.


Steel in the ground advantage

Our regionally diverse portfolio of FERC regulated natural gas infrastructure is highly contracted with strong creditworthy customers. For decades, our customers have relied on our ability to safely, reliably and economically deliver into some of America’s largest demand centers.

Strategic market positions

With our primarily demand-pull assets, we span the distance between established markets and prolific basins and provide access to key storage fields. Our pipelines comprise a critical transportation path for natural gas produced in low-cost basins such as the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin (WCSB), and ultimately possess a last mile advantage into several major demand centers like New York City.


Operating track record

Our assets have long track records of successful operations, but we don’t rest on our past success and continuously work to advance our operating practices. We are well positioned to continue to operate as trusted and experienced transportation providers to our customers.


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