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Industry-leading natural gas infrastructure

Our portfolio of assets spans 22 states and supplies approximately 13 percent of the natural gas needed daily in the United States to heat and cool homes, fuel industries and generate power. We have interests in approximately 6,300 miles of natural gas pipelines and a combined total deliverable capacity of 10.9 billion cubic feet per day (Bcf/d).

Connecting critical supply basins to market

Our assets interconnect with the larger TC Energy natural gas pipeline network, that together transport 25 percent of the natural gas used in North America from low-cost supply basins to well-established markets.

Our low-risk, FERC regulated pipelines are located in a diverse range of geographic regions including the Western U.S., Midwest U.S., and Northeast U.S. Our pipelines hold strategic market positions and are a critical transportation path for natural gas produced in North America’s most prolific supply basins – including the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin.

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Our assets

Bison pipeline

Connects from the Powder River Basin in Wyoming to the Northern Border system in North Dakota. Although our Bison pipeline earns contractual revenue, changing natural gas dynamics in the U.S. Midwest have resulted in intermittent gas flows on Bison. Business development activities are underway to determine the best use for Bison including if the asset can be reversed, re-directed or re-purposed.

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Gas Transmission Northwest (GTN)

Our largest pipeline investment provides a key service delivering natural gas from Western Canada and the Rocky Mountains to local utilities and power generation facilities in the Pacific Northwest and California.

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Great Lakes Gas Transmission

This bi-directional pipeline delivers natural gas to customers in the U.S. Midwest and central Canada. Great Lakes plays a key role in balancing natural gas demands in upper Midwest energy markets by managing seasonal fluctuations in gas supply and demand, and providing access to storage fields in Michigan and Southern Ontario.

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Iroquois Gas Transmission System

Maintains key market connections into New York City and serves regional local distribution companies and power plants in the Northeast.

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North Baja Pipeline

A bi-directional system extending from Arizona to an interconnection near Ogilby, California on the Mexican border. North Baja serves LDC’s and power generators in Southern California and the Baja Peninsula of Mexico.

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Northern Border Pipeline

Our second largest asset, Northern Border provides a critical transportation route linking natural gas from Western Canada and the Bakken formation in North Dakota, to premium markets accessed through the Ventura Hub and to the Chicago area.

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Portland Natural Gas Transmission System (PNGTS)

Delivers natural gas to customers in the U.S. Northeast and Atlantic Canada. The system provides natural gas for residential and commercial use, and electricity generating plants.

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Tuscarora Gas Transmission

Extends from the GTN pipeline in Oregon across California and into Nevada. This pipeline delivers natural gas to power generators and local distributors serving homes and businesses in those states.

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Operated by TC Energy 

TC Energy subsidiaries operate most of our natural gas pipelinesapart from Iroquois’ assets and PNGTS’ joint facilities, which are partially owned by third parties and operated by separate management.