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Schedule K-3 tax packages for 2021 are now available online. Other information on this website is no longer being maintained but will be available for reference until June 2023.

Sustainable self-funded growth

Leveraging off our existing natural gas infrastructure, we are developing opportunities for sustainable, self-funded growth. Our goal is to achieve a healthy balance of distribution stability, strong financials and accretive capital investment opportunities.

Approximately $700 million of organic growth projects through 2023

Capex values represent TC PipeLines’ proportionate share based on ownership and are subject to change as projects are developed.

Gas Transmission Northwest (GTN)

The $335 million GTN project is our largest-ever organic growth opportunity. The project includes horsepower replacement, other reliability work, and incremental compression capability at existing sites. This is expected to meet GTN customers’ needs for reliable and affordable transportation of clean-burning natural gas, consistent with the Pacific Northwest’s desire for a cleaner energy future. The project includes multiple stages, to be in service between 2021 and 2023.

Portland Natural Gas Transmission System (PNGTS)

The market for natural gas in New England has been constrained by a lack of infrastructure to move natural gas, a clean, abundant and affordable fuel, to where it is needed. We are undertaking two multi-phase compression-only projects to increase New England’s natural gas supply without the need for construction outside existing facilities. These projects, Portland XPress and Westbrook XPress, valued at $130 million combined (the Partnership’s proportionate share), are fully backed by fixed rate, 20+ year contracts. Earlier phases of these projects entered service in 2018 and 2019. Portland XPress Phase III went into service in November 2020 with additional phases planned to be in service in November 2021 and 2022. Together, these projects have approximately doubled the firm capacity of the PNGTS system to nearly 400,000 Dth/d.


In response to rising energy demand from consumers in northern Nevada, we have developed the $13 million Tuscarora XPress project. The project is expected to increase the capability of Tuscarora’s existing facilities to provide additional firm transportation service of approximately 15,000 Dth/d. Backed by a 20-year contract, the project has an anticipated in-service date of November 2021.

Great Lakes

The Alberta XPress project, being undertaken by ANR, a TC Energy-owned system, is expected to utilize capacity on Great Lakes to connect growing WCSB supply to U.S. Gulf Coast LNG export markets. Requiring no material capital spend, Great Lakes is expected to benefit from a total 165,000 Dth/d long-term, max rate contractual arrangement with ANR for an average term of 19 years with an anticipated in-service date in 2022.

Pursuing additional responsible growth opportunities


Business development activities are underway to determine the best use for Bison including if the asset can be reversed, re-directed or re-purposed as part of a solution for the need for incremental takeaway capacity from the Bakken production region.

North Baja

The potential $90 million North Baja XPress expansion project provides the opportunity to benefit from LNG exports, with the addition of a single compressor within an existing compressor site. Subject to permitting, the project has a potential in-service date as early as February 2023.


Iroquois is developing and permitting upgrades to its compression facilities in response to increasing demand for cleaner energy from fuel switching and economic growth. If successful, the Enhancement by Compression project has the potential to optimize the Iroquois system to meet current and future gas supply needs of utility customers while minimizing environmental impact through compressor enhancements at existing compressor stations along the pipeline. The project’s total capacity is expected to be approximately 125,000 Dth/day with an estimated in-service date in November 2023.  This project is underpinned by contracts for 20-year terms with local distribution companies.